District Rules

American Legion Baseball Massachusetts Middlesex County, District 5 2017 League Rules

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1. Regular Season Play:

Every team will play a total of 20 games. Standings will be based upon total points with the four teams with the most total points advancing to the district playoffs. The standings will be on a point system, two points for a win and one point for a tie after the game is official.

  • “A regulation game shall consist of 7 innings unless extended because of a tie score, or shortened (1) because the home team needs none of its half of the 7th inning or only a fraction of it, or (2) because the umpire calls the game.
  • A regulation game shall become official when the losing team has completed its time at bat in the fifth (5th) inning; or if tied, after both teams have completed their time at bat in the fifth (5th) inning. An official game which terminates in a tie, shall be declared a tie game and shall not be replayed.
  • A game called by the umpire, ends at the moment the umpire terminates play, except if the game is called during an uncompleted inning, in which case the game ends at the end of the previously completed inning if the visiting team tied or took the lead in the incomplete inning and the home team did not tie or retake the lead in their part of the incomplete inning.”

2017 Zone 5 Legion Baseball 10 Team Scheduling Format


  • Ashland
  • Billerica
  • Chelmsford
  • Hudson
  • Lowell
  • Medford
  • Natick
  • Newton
  • Sudbury
  • Waltham

Each team will play 18 games (9 home and 9 away). Each team will play home and away for each

— The final date for regular season play is Friday July 13, 2017, after which date the standing will become final.
— District 5 Chairman’s Cup playoff will begin on July 17, 2017
— Last day for regular season play will be Thursday July 20, 2017

Reporting Game Results:
Managers must close out the games on the website at www.legion5baseball.com or email Len Noce at oldcc@aol.com

Failure to report game results within 48 hours will result in a fine of $25. Failure to report game results within 72 hours will result in the forfeiture of the points for the win or tie. The winning team is responsible to report the results of the game. When there is a tie game, the home team is responsible to report the results of the game.

12 run rule will be in effect after 4 ½ innings during regular season and 10 run rule for playoff games.

2. Rainouts:
Rainouts must be reported to Len Noce at oldcc@aol.com and call your local umpire assignor.

  • A visiting team may use the field for the last 15 minutes before game time. In the event a visiting team is late in arrival, the start of the game will not be delayed unless the home team has lights.

3. Rescheduling of Games:
Rescheduling of games for rainouts or any other reason must be completed and reported to Len Noce at oldcc@aol.com and your local umpire assignor within 48 hours. The home team makes the call, and if both teams are not scheduled on the next available date, subject to the availability of a field, the game will be played. No excuses will be accepted. Failure of the visiting team to play the game will result in a forfeit. Failure of the home team to not reschedule the game will result in a $100 fine and the league will reschedule the game.

4. Re-scheduling of non-weather related games:
Managers must have 48 hours notice and there must be a reasonable excuse. Not having enough players is not a reasonable excuse – it is a forfeit. The Chairman or Vice Chairman will resolve any dispute.

  • 4a. Re-scheduling of weather related games:
    Any game postponed due to weather related conditions which cannot be rescheduled because of the season ending deadline will be considered no game and will not be considered a forfeit for either team, neither team will receive points.

5. Forfeits:
Teams which forfeit two games in a season because they are unable to field nine (9) players will be removed from the Program.

  • Visiting teams who arrive at the home team’s field without nine (9) players must pay the Umpire’s fee.
  • After a twenty (30) minute wait from the scheduled game time a team is unable to field nine (9) players on their roster, the team will forfeit the game.
  • In the event that a team is removed from the Program for forfeiting two (2) games during the season, all the games played by the team will count as scheduled games and the forfeits will start from the time of the team’s removal.
  • The District Chairman’s Cup is part of the regular season. Anybody that chooses not to participate will forfeit any games not played.
  • The district playoffs will be a single elimination playoff. The 2 final teams will then play a 2 out of 3 series to determine the District Champion. Any forfeits in the first round will be reviewed by the protest committee and either a fine or suspension will be applied.
  • All teams will use Diamond D1 pro marked Massachusetts American Legion. If a team can’t provide official balls, the opposing team can provide them and be reimbursed by the home team. If the home team cannot provide the balls at that time, the manager will be ejected from that game.

6. Protest:
All protest must be reported to the Chairman after the game.
The protest must be submitted in writing to Len Noce via U.S. Postal Service or by email at oldcc@aol.com within 24 hours of the ruling being protested. Judgment calls may not be protested.

The Protest Committee, consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Umpire in Chief, shall rule on the protest. The aggrieved team has the option of appealing the Protest Committee’s decision to the State Chairman. The State Chairman’s decision will be final.

7. Umpires:

  • Fees for umpires are $75.00 per game. If there is only one umpire, he will receive a fee and a half. If the umpires show up and the game is not played for whatever reason, they will receive a half fee each.
  • If a game is declared a forfeit because either or both teams were unable to field a team of nine (9) rostered players, the umpires will be paid a full fee.
  • Parents or siblings of players are not allowed to umpire in League or Playoff games.

8. Player Ejection:

  • Players who are ejected from a game must serve a one game suspension on the bench in uniform during the next scheduled game played. If the suspended player is in the lineup during the suspension, the team will forfeit that game and the suspended player must sit out the next game. The ejection of a player must be reported to Len Noce at oldcc@aol.com
  • If a player is ejected from the third game, he will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

9. Manager Ejection:

  • Managers who are ejected from a game must be reported to the district chairman.
  • If a manager is ejected from a second game, he will be subject for review by the District Chairman and face possible suspension. If ejected from a third game, he will be suspended for the season.
  • Managers who break the Coaches Code of Ethics, including but not limited to, making any disparaging remarks to any league authority, umpires, fans, or local newspapers, will be subject to disciplinary action including suspension.
  • Player/coach suspensions may be appealed to the District Chairman and protest committee provided they are made in writing by the Manager and filed with the District Chairman within twenty four (24) hours of the suspension. Appeals will not stay the suspension.

10. Legion Baseball Paperwork:
A team may not start the season unless all the required paperwork has been completes and approved by the Chairman.

Managers will get their own form 76 & 77.
Players and parents will not be sent to another team manager for signatures.

  • New Team Application:
    New team applications for admission to the 2017 season must be submitted to the District Chairman no later than November 30, 2016. New teams must meet the criteria set our in Department Rule 4.

11. All managers and coaches must be in full uniform in order to appear on the field or in the coaching box during a game per our Department and National rules. Managers will be allowed to wear warm up jackets or pullovers. They must coordinate with the team including the team name or logo and American Legion patch on the left sleeve.

12. All Uniforms must be patched with the official American Legion Patch. Silk-screened emblems will not be allowed unless written permission from American Legion is provided.

13. League Dues:
Team dues are $200.00 per season. Teams are not allowed to schedule games until the dues are paid.

14. District 5 Tournament Play
The 4 teams with the most total points will advance to the District Playoff. The remaining teams will enter a Single elimination tournament with a best of 3 Final to determine the champion of the District 5 Chairman’s Cup.
State Tournament will start on Saturday July 23rd 2017

15. Tie Breaker Rules
Ties for placement in the final standings will be determined as follows:

  • Head to head competition, if still tied;
    When more than 2 teams tied head to head, it automatically goes to the next tie breaker
  • Record against teams with a .500 or better record, if still tied;
  • Runs allowed vs. common opponents
  • Coin Flip

16. If a team does not complete its schedule, it will not enter post season tournaments. However, a forfeit will be considered a completed game and both teams will be eligible for postseason play.

17. Junior Legion
The rules for the junior program will be the same rules as the seniors with the following exceptions:

  • A 10 run rule will be in effect after 4 ½ innings; Both regular season and playoff games.
  • Umpire fee will be $60.00 per umpire.
  • Teams are encouraged to play other senior and Junior Legion teams for any non-league competition.
  • League fee of $150.00 starting in the 2011 season
  • Player re-entry is allowed one substitution.
  • A DH can hit for the pitcher only.
  • A total of three players from any junior team may be rostered on senior teams. All double rostered players must try out for their senior teams first and appear on that teams consolidated player registration form. Any and all paperwork must be submitted for that player registered on the senior team. A player from a junior team that does not have a senior team must play for the senior team according to the recruiting guidelines.
  • Form 76 & 77 will be obtained for junior Legion teams starting in 2012. All form 76 & 77 will be for 1 year only.